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  WATER BASE EPOXY (Self Leveled Epoxy)

Water base epoxy self level epoxy flooring is a third generation “water-based” 3 component, epoxy flooring system that outperforms and outlasts most solvent based and solvent free flooring systems without the associated odors, flammability, or VOC’s.


1) Waterborne
2) Solvent-Free
3) Excellent Adhesion
4) Applies to Damp Concrete
5) Excellent Gloss & Gloss Retention
6) Good Color
7) Excellent Stain Resistant
8) Excellent Hardness Development
9) Rapid Dry Time
10) Easy Clean-up


Water base epoxy SL is recommended for
>Clean room flooring,
> High abrasion resistant flooring

The recommended application of this product is by notch trowel and spike roller. Allow water base epoxy SL to dry thoroughly before mixing and applying the next coat. It should be tack free and clear in appearance before recoating.


Property Typical Value
Shelf Life 1 year in sealed container in cool, dry place
Mixing Ratio by wt. As mention on packing
Coverage 2mm th. 3.4-4.5 kg/M2
Application Method Notch trowel & spike roller
Ready for Foot Traffic 36-48 hrs.
Ready for Heavy Traffic 7 days
UV Light Resistant Good
Flammability Self extinguating
Water Absorption Less then 1%


10 Kgs., 25 Kgs & 50 Kgs Units of Part A & B


This product should be applied at the rate of approx. 3.5-4.5 kg/M2 for approx. 2mm thick flooring.


The substrate must be clean, dry and sound with new concrete cured for at least 28 days. Remove dust, laitance, grease, curing compounds, waxes, foreign particles, disintegrated or soft base materials, and any
previously applied coatings. Create a surface profile on concrete by either steel shot blasting or acid etching. Repair cracks and joints with EPOXY CRACK & PATCH mortar. If the concrete surface is not prepared properly, product adhesion will fail and warranties will be voided.


> For interior use only
>New Concrete must cure for 28 days
> DO NOT thin Water base epoxy
> DO NOT use when humidity Exceeds 85%
> DO NOT allow material to Puddle during application
> Allow each coat to Dry Tack-Free and clear before Recoating
> Apply Each Coat Within 24 hours of previous Coat
> Do NOT APPLY to Structurally Unsound Surfaces.
> Apply a Test Patch to Ensure Adhesion to Old Paint


Avoid mixing and application of this product if the surface temperature is high and humidity is higher then 70% R.H. The temperature of the surface, materials and air in the area of installation all play a role in how the product will apply and cure. Stair part A & B separately and then pour part `B in to part A in proper ratio and blend thoroughly for minimum for 2-3 minutes with a spiral mixing blade attached to a low-speed electric drill.
Take care not to induce air into the material when mixing. This will cause bubble in the coating when applied.


At 30o C and 50% R.H. the water base epoxy has a useful working time or pot life of 25-30 minutes. Using any product beyond this time will result in variable results and therefore any mixed product beyond the pot life should be discarded.


It is advisable to wear protective wears at the time of use of water base epoxy and all other our products. In case of contact with eyes and skin, wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor. This information, given above in good faith, is based on results gained from experience and tests. However, all recommendations or
suggestions are made without guarantee since the conditions of use is beyond our control.


Application equipment should be cleaned using soap and water.

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