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Offers a complete line of corrosion resistant materials. A specific Brick or Tile lining system can be designed by selecting the necessary components & tailoring a system, which offers maximum protection for each particular application.

Brick/TILE food/Pharmaceutical plant flooring system engineered by CHEMIPROTECT ENG. provides excellent chemical resistant combined with durability and an attractive appearance. This flooring system is highly recommended to industries like:

  • Dairies
  • Breweries
  • Beverage plants
  • Food processing & packaging plant
  • Pharmaceutical plants etc.
  • Paper & Pulp

These flooring systems provides a broad range of resistance to the chemical attack, physical abuse & thermal cycling, commonly found in above industries. Brick or Tile flooring systems provides a permanent solution to corrosion problems in virtually any food processing industry.

CONCRETE SUBSTRATE: The concrete substrate should be sound, clean, dry, and free from any contamination. Proper slope should be maintained in all areas.

BEDDING MORTAR: The bedding mortar in the direct lining system provides adhesion of brick and/or tile to the substrate, and also acts as a protective layer beneath the brick or tile. MIPRO-E bedding mortar is a smooth spreading epoxy mortar, resistant to dilute acids, alkalis & some solvents. It is applied at a thickness of 6mm to the properly prepared substrate using a notched or straight trowel.

JOINTING MORTAR: CHEMIPROTECT ENGINEERS can provide a suitable mortar for joints filling dependent upon chemical exposure. This mortar may be installed using the tilesetter's method of the bricklayer's method.

Using the tile setter's method, the brick or tile is placed into the soft bedding mortar. Joints should be 4-5mm wide. After the soft bedding mortar has set, the joints are filled with selected MIPRO brand jointing mortar. Following proper cure, the floor is cleaned to remove any jointing mortar residue.

BRICK OR TILE: Brick or tile selection is determined by the service conditions of the area. 10mm to 25mm thick tile or 37mm & 75mm thick brick are typically used. For a more attractive appearance, the face of the brick or tile should be protected with wax to prevent the mortar adhering to the surface. Steam cleaning, or hot water then removes this wax.

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