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  Mortars For Acid Proof Brick /  Tile /  Mandana Stone
Vinyl Ester Morter.(VE) :-

Vinyl Ester Mortar is used in the construction of floors, sumps, trenches, tanks, vessels and bleach towers in chemical processing, food and beverage plants, dairies, laboratories, textile, steel and pulp& paper mills. VE has excellent resistance to oxidizing bleach solutions, mineral and organic acids, alkaline solutions and some organic solvents. When used with chemical resistant masonry units and the proper membrane VE will protect concrete and steel sub base from chemical attacks and physical abuse. VE is silica filled vinyl ester mortar supplied in two parts – powder & liquid – which must be mixed together in the proper proportions (1:5.5 PBW) prior to use.


Resistant to strong oxidizing agents, acids, alkalis and bleaches and solvents. Low absorption and shrinkage. High bond, tensile and compressive strengths. Rapidly develops physical properties… initial set time is one hour at room temperature.


 Water Absorption  0.2 
 Working Time @ 35o C  15 Minutes
 Bond Strength kg/cm2  10
 Compressive Strength kg/cm2  500
 Tensile Strength  154
 Flexural Strength  315
 Max. Service Temp. o C  130
 Color  Off White

Physical properties were determined on specimens prepared under laboratory conditions using applicable
procedures. Actual field conditions may very and yield different results; therefore, data are subject to reasonable deviation. Data should not be used for specification purpose.


All surfaces in contact with VE should be clean, and free of dust, dirt, grease, oil, and other contaminants. Surface prep should be in accordance with membrane requirements.


Empty correct proportion of liquid into a clean mixing vessel. Gradually add measured amount of powder while mixing continuously with a trowel, By hand or mechanical mixer until mortar is uniformly blended to a
workable consistency. After mixing, spread mortar in a thin layer in a mortar pan to ensure maximum working
time of 25 minutes at 35 * C. Recommended mix ratio by weight, is Part A (Resin) 1 PBW to Part B (Filler) 5.5
PBW Material, which has begun to set, cannot be retempered and must be discarded. Never add liquid or other materials to mixed material or any component part.



Resistant tng oxidizing agents, acids, alkalis and bleaches and solventso stro.


Trowel an average 1/8” thick bed joint of VE directly on top of membrane or preceding course of
brickwork. Apply the mortar by buttering on side and one head join of each masonry unit. Set the masonry units in place and position by tapping to form an average 1/8” wide vertical joint.

Strike extruded mortar off the face of the masonry unit with a trowel. For floors where appearance is a factor,
waxed face units are recommended. When waxed units are used, wait until VE mortar has achieved full cure (24 hours at 35* C) and clean face of masonry units using 60-psi (minimum) steam pressure at the nozzle.


All equipment should be cleaned with acetone or MEK before MOPRO-VE cures. If removal is required after
cure, consult CHEMIPROTECT ENGINEERS for recommendations.

VE is self-hardening due to a chemical reaction, which occurs when the powder and liquid are mixed
together. An initial set occurs in one (1) hour at 35* C - the material is ready for service after twenty-four hours at 35o C.


VE powder has self-life of 3 months and liquid has self-life of one (1) months, when stored in unopened, tightly sealed container/bags in cool, dry place at 35o C.
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