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Roof seal (Insulative Type) is a single component, water based high solids, elastomeric acrylic resin base coating. It is an advanced acrylic technology product, manufactured by combination of pigments, reinforcing fillers and an Australian thermal non-conductive material. On application, it forms a waterproof elastomeric seal in the form of monolithic uniform membrane that provides protection from ageing, UV rays and normal weathering. It reflects heat as well as it does not allow heat flux transmission. It reduces building maintenance cost as well as saves conditioning energy up to 25%. Its performance is more effective than that of the conventional waterproofing and protective products available in the market.


1) Single component, easily applicable by brush, roller or spray.
2) Adheres strongly to a wide varity of sound substrates such as concrete, metal, modified bitumen, wood etc…
3) Tensile strength, elongation and resiliency increase durability.
4) Water vapor transmission decreases maintenance cost.
5) Water seal increases longevity.
6)UV light protection maintains aesthetic appearance.
7) Heat-not-conductive property saves conditioning energy cost upto 25%
8) Unique non-conductivity (to heat-cold) property keeps the building warm in winter& cool in summer seasons.
9) Prevents growth of moss, fungus
10) Repels airborne pollutants and dirt that makes the surface look new for years after application.
11) Lightweight-puts less stress on the building.
12) Nontoxic-safe for the environment and the people applying it.
13) High reflective-light reflection value of 92 at 700 nm
14) Attractive color shades available, if required.


 Appearance & color  White color pasty
 flowing material.
 Nonvolatile content %
 by wt.
 60 + 5
 Surface drying time @
 30o C
 15-20 minutes
 Inter coat period at  30oC  2-3 Hours
 Complete curing time
 at 30o C
 3 days minimum
 Dry time of water
 resistance at 30o C
 4-5 Hours
 Dry Film thickness  70-75 microns per
 Coverage: Concrete  60-65 sft/kg/coat 
 Metal  80-85 sft/kg/coat

Coverage may depend on the roughness& porosity of the surface.


Seal the cracks of parapet wall and roof by creating V groove with acrylic sealant. Allow the sealant to dry for 24 hours before applying primer.


 Hardness (ASTM D
 45-55 Shore A
 Tensile Strength at  break
 (ASTM D 412)
 10-15 kg/cm2
 Elongation at break
 (ASTM D 412
 Bond Strength (ASTM C
 More than cohesive
 strength 5-20 kg/cm2
 (with various
 Permeability (ASTM E
 1.98 Metric perms @
 film thickness min.
 Service Temp. Range  -30o C to + 90o C
 High Temp. Resistance  +120o C
 UV & weather  resistance
 No ageing/withstands
 upto 3000 hrs. Cycles
 (i.e. say about 10
 Light reflectance value  92 @ 700 nm
 Roof Temp. Reduction  12o to 15o C
 Flexibility  Permanent flexibility
 no migration or
 leaching out of any
 ingredient on exterior
 exposure for a longer
 Dry Film Thickness 150-200 microns


Building roof, terraces and exterior walls. Industrial – factory roofing, concrete, asbestos, tile, etc Cold torages, Electronic exchange building roof, Hospital buildings, Domestic residence etc…


Surface preparation is very important to get the best result and to avoid failure. The substrate must be sound enough, clean and free from dust, dirt, grease, oil, sludge, moss, blistered cement coating, loose plaster etc…

Thoroughly wire brush the surface to remove saturated dirt and loose partials. Wash the surface to remove dust. Allow the surface to dry completely.


It the substrate is too old, a primer coat is required. Dilute the material in 1:1 proportion with water and apply one coat by brush or apply one coat of suggested primer. Allow the primer to dry for two hours before applying Roof seal (insulative type).


Once the resin & curing agent sets hard, it is very difficult to remove. Before it sets, it should be scraped off from the tools, mixing pan etc. One can use solvent like toluene, xylene or acetone.


Mix the content of the pack within its own container by stirring with the help of wooden stick to a uniform, homogenous free flowing paste consistency. Apply the first coat of ROOF SEAL by brush or roller generously in order to plug the pores and shrinkage cracks. Allow the coating to dry for 3 hours before applying second coat. Minimum two coats are recommended. If required, additional coat may be applied. Allow the coating to dry/cure on its own, external curing is not required.


Tools and equipment to be cleaned with water
immediately after use.


Store the material in cool dry place, away from direct sun light. Shelf life of the unopened container is one year from the date of manufactured is properly stored as mention.


1, 5, 20, 50 kg pack


Do not apply on wet or damp substrate.
Do not apply in rain
Do not dilute with water unless recommended

The above information and details are based on the tests conducted & experience on application & usage.
The user is advised to carry out the tests & take trials to satisfy on the suitability of the product and meeting
his requirements considering the prevailing conditions prior to applying/using the product on larger area. As the conditions under which the products are used or transported are beyond our control, we do not hold ourselves responsible on its consequential non-performance.
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