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  Water proofing roofseal \ Waterproofing roof seal

ROOF-SEAL is a two part cement based polymer modified highly flexible, elastic waterproofing coating. Its resilient property makes it suitable to take care of liner movement of the concrete surface due to expansion and contraction. Cement being a universal inorganic binder with enhances characteristic of polymer
makes the coating monolithic with the substrate. It is water-resistant and is suitable for water proofing of large surface area like horizontal and sloppy roof terraces.


1) Easy to apply by trowel or hard brush
2) Excellent bonding to porous and non-porous surface
3) Forms tough & elastic membrane on 1.0 to 1.5mm thickness
4) Wear & tear resistance-hence suitable for pedestrian traffic
5) Breathable: allows substrate to breathe.
6)Water resistant & weatherproof – does not allow water to enter.
7) Resistant to carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion
8) Forms an anti carbonation coating
9)Self curing type does not require external curing with water
10) Nontoxic, suitable for contact with potable water
11) Resists hydrostatic pressure of water upto 7 bars
12) UV and weather resistant.


 Appearance & color  Part – 1 White milky
 Part – 2 Whit/Gray
 Mixing Ration  Part 1: Part-2 1:2 by
 pH value of the mix  7-8
 Viscosity of the mix  Free flowing paste
 Application time @
 30o C
 Use the material within
 1-2 hours of open air
 Hard dry time 30o C  Within 24 hours in
 open air
 Complete curing
 time @ 30o C
 3 days
 Color available  Grey & white
 Coverage  Approx. 1.5 kg/M2
 1mm thickness
 Service Temp. range  Not affected by cold
 and frost. Can resists
 high temp. upto 80o C


Pre-wet the substrate after surface preparation. Allow it to semidry. Apply the mixed material by hard brush or trowel to a given coverage to get uniform film buildup. Single coat application is sufficient because you get 1 mm thickness. Second coat application can be given with fiber mesh reinforced to achieve very tough coating, if required.


ROOF-SEAL is suggested for waterproofing of building roof, terraces where maximum movements due to xpansion & contraction are expected. Waterproof coating for water retaining wall & water reservoirs, aterproofing of seawater channels and industrial gutters.



Surface preparation is very important to get the best results and to avoid any failure. The surface must be clean and free of grease, dirt, sludge, fungus and any type of cement coating blistered and loose plaster. It has the Surface should be damped with water prior to application of ROOFSEAL. Do not apply in rain.


Mix the individual packs in their own containers thoroughly. Add part – 1 (powder) into part – 2 (liquid) and mix manually until a homogenous free flowing pasty, lumps free slurry is obtained.


Tools and equipment’s to be cleaned with water when the material is in uncured state.


Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sun light. Shelf life is one year in unopened packs, stored as mention.


3, 15, 30 Kgs.


Do not apply over hot or dry surface.
Do not apply in rain.
Do not dilute with water
Nontoxic, but wearing of hand gloves & goggles
are recommended.
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