Flexible Cementitious Waterproof Coating

Polymer modified cementitious FLEXIBLE WATERPROFING COMPOUND ROOF-SEAL is a two part cement based polymer modified highly flexible, elastic waterproofing coating. Its resilient property makes it suitable to take care of liner movement of the concrete surface due to expansion and contraction. Cement being a universal inorganic binder with enhances characteristic of polymer makes the coating monolithic with the substrate. It is water-resistant and is suitable for waterproofing of large surface area like horizontal and sloppy roof terraces.

  • Package: 3 and 15kg
  • Consumption: 1.5 kgs/mm


Concrete Floor Densifier

This is an advanced economical, Nano technology based hardener and densifier for concrete surface and a much more effective alternative to conventional sodium and potassium silicate hardeners. This is Nano lithium silicate treatment deeply penetrated and react with the concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. Conventional hardener deposit concentrations of sodium of potassium salts, which contribute to surface, resulting in deterioration of concrete. Typically this product can be applied on new slabs either at the time of placement or after cure, chemical cure or after 28 days curing of construction. SEALHARD can be use previously densified floor where sodium or potassium used at one time and the surface is starting to dust or deteriorate.

  • Packing: 25 Ltrs
  • Coverage: Depend on concrete porosity, roughness


Epoxy Grout

This is 3 K high strength, chemical resistant, epoxy grout with high bond strength, stain resistant, water cleanable, easy to use for joint filling of tile, stone, brick for use on floor and wall for kitchen, restaurants, home, commercial retail outlets.

  • Package: 1&5 kgs.
  • Coverage: Depend on tile size and joint size


Road Marking/ Line Marking Paint

This is single component, cold applied road marking paint based on very latest fast dry mMA resin technology, which exhibits easy to apply, long life, very good bond strength, excellent UV resistance and available in different colors.

  • Packing:5 Ltrs
  • Coverage: Depend on surface roughness & thickness applied


High performance epoxy tile/stone/brick adhesive 3 components. Mainly used to fixing tile/brick/stone in small as well as big sizes, on wall and floor. Epoxy tile/stone/brick adhesive exhibits very high bond strength which is key for durable and long performance of tile/stone. Excellent resistant to dilute acid/alkali/salts and most preferred product for fixing tile/brick in food, pharmaceuticals, commercial kitchens, food retail outlets and chemical industries, workshop and high traffic areas of logistic warehouse.

  • Packing: 28 Kgs
  • Coverage:5 to 6 M2/Pack@3mm thickness


Polymer modified High Strength Tile Adhesive


This is a polymer modified high quality cement & mineral based single component adhesive mortar to fix ceramic, granite, porcelain, natural stone tiles. The product formulations are with high performance specialty additives that increase the performance of the product and easy application. This adhesive mortar can be used to fix granite, porcelain, vitrified and ceramic floor and wall tiles

  • Package: 20 kgS Bag
  • Consumption- 4 to 6 M2/Bag@3mm thickness


Water Stopping Compound


Polymer Modified fast set water plugging compound This is a very specialty product formulated with special polymer for fast setting and high bond strength in combination with Cement and special minerals for rapid setting water plugging compound to stop water leakages, when mixed with clean water, provides an easy to use ultra-rapid setting durable water plugging compound for active water leaks in concrete and masonry FROM NEGATIVE SIDE. WATER PLUG is used to stop active water or seepage under pressure to joints, crack and holes in concrete or masonry, where a normal mortar CAN NOT BE USED.

  • Package: 5 kgs
  • Consumption: 2 kgs powder for 1 It space


High Performance Flexible Sag Resistant Tile Adhesive


TILE ADHESIVE PLUS is a high performance flexible specialty polymer modified cement n mineral base adhesive mortar, ready to use with only addition of water, for bonding ceramic, vitrified, porceline tiles using thin bed techniques. This can be used to fix tiles on wall and floor for interior and outdoor areas. Can also be used to fix tile on tile, this adhesive exhibits excellent resistant to moisture. Excellent adhesion, non-sag and fast set properties can save time and easy workability is an added advantage to applicator

  • Package:20 kg craft bag
  • Consumption-4 to 6 M2/Bag@3mm thickness


Transparent Liquid for Exterior Surfaces

This is a milky white, silane/siloxane based transparent insulation material that protects that natural texture and the Appearance of the structures without forming a film on the exterior surfaces where it has been applied. Since it does not form a film on the surface, it oes not prevent or reduce the breathing capacity of the building or the stone, and does not distort its esthetic appearance. Does not turn black or swel. Its alkali resistance is very high; therefore, it an easily be applied on the new and old concrete surfaces. It prevents vomiting of salt and the formation of stains due to the mortar of the pressed bricks, natural and artificial stones or the plaster on which it has been applied. Since it prevents dampness, it also avoids the loss of the heat insulation value of the building from the damages and corrosion caused by the rain. It increases the life of the buildings, and can be used as a coating underneath the painting of the exterior surfaces.

  • Package:5&20 Ltrs
  • Consumption:depend on surface roughness and porosity


Polymer Modified Cement base Tile Grout

High Performance water resistant tile joint filler This is a polymer modified cementitious tile joint flling mortar formulated using a high performance powder polymer, high grade cement and specialty mineral filler and additives to got high quality stain free, cract free tile joint. Which exhibit excellent water resistance, stain resistance effect. Most widely used for tile joint filling for interior & out door areas. Available in different colors, natural, white. With grey and white cement base.

  • Package: 20 kg craft bag
  • Consumption: Depend on tile size and joint size


Bitumen ase Waterproof Coating

BITURUB is a one part, solvent-free, water base, flexible, high build coating based on a bituminous rubber emulsion. Once applied to the substrate, it cures to a highly flexible, waterproof coating which is highly elastic and crack-bridging and forms an excellent seam- and joint less waterproofing layer. The product has high mechanical resistance and crack bridging capacity and open to vapor diffusion.

  • Package: 20 kg
  • Consumption: 2 kgs/mm


Thermal Insulation &Waterproof Coating

ROOFSEAL (INSULATIVE TYPE) is a single component, water based high solids, elastomeric acrylic resin base coating. It is an advanced acrylic technology product, manufactured by combination of pigments, reinforcing fillers and an Australian thermal nonconductive material. On application, it forms a waterproof elastomeric seal in the form of monolithic uniform membrane that provides protection from ageing, UV rays and normal weathering. It reflects heat as well as it does not allow heat flux transmission. It reduces building maintenance cost as well as saves conditioning energy up to 25%. Its performance is more effective than that of the conventional waterproofing and protective products available in the market.

  • Package: 20 kg PE pail
  • Consumption: 1.5 kg/mm


Solution Protecting Lfe & Enviroment against Fire

AGNIPROF incombustibility solution is a product made from % 100 natural materials, with no hazards to human health, with no risks for environmental safety, which is 100% soluble in nature and which contains no banned materials in its composition. Furthermore that it is anti-bacterial, is also one of its advantages. When AGNIPROOF is applied to a material, smoke contains 50% less carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than its natural form. Futhermore the smoke and its nitrogen content is 20%-25% AY more. Thus in case of fire, the AGNIPROOF applied material does not burn and the smoke airless effect is reduced to half.

  • Package: 5 lt plastic barrel
  • Consumption: 100 ml/mm

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