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We at CHEMIPROTECT ENGINEERS manufactures and market acid/alkali/solvent resistant materials and lining systems to protect concrete and steel surface from corrosion.
We at CHEMIPROTECT ENGINEERS produce a comprehensive range of lining systems.
The list includes:
  • Thin film linings/membranes
  • Monolithic lining systems
  • Tile/Brick lining
  • Red Mandana Stone lining
  • Polymer concrete/grouts

Each of these lining systems offers certain benefits. The evaluation and selection of the correct lining system or product is done only after fully understanding all aspects of these benefits. Costs, both initial and life cycle, and limitations must also be considered.

We provides materials and linings which create a barrier on front of substrate (either concrete or steel) that needs to be protected – hence the concept of the barrier principle. These barriers can range from very thin - a few mm in thickness – to very thick and tough, such as a membrane system with several layers of brick/tile installed over top of it. In all case, the system is a barrier, preventing attack on the substrate from corrosive chemicals.

The lining system or products to consider for the following applications are:

For flooring:
  • Thin film coating
  • Monolithic lining systemsg
  • Brick/Tile lining systems
  • Red Mandana Stone lining
  • Polymer concrete/grouts

For drains and sumps:
  • Monolithic lining systems
  • Brick/Tile lining
  • Polymer concrete/grouts
  • Thin film coating

For Reaction, storage tanks & effluent plants:
  • Thin film coating
  • Brick/Tile lining
  • Red Mandana Stone lining
  • Monolithic lining (with & without glass matt reinforced)

For Chimneys:
  • Brick lining
  • Polymer concrete/grouts
  • Thin film coating

The selection of the correct lining system is based on several considerations. Often there is more then “one right answer” to protect a substrate from chemical attack and corrosion. For example, a typical question might be “ I have a floor that has 20% sulfuric acid at 60o C being spilled on it. What should I use?” There is not necessarily one simple answer. In this case there are several lining system options. Thin film lining systems, monolithic lining systems, brick/tile lining, red mandana stone flooring, polymer concrete could be considered. In this case one has to weigh the initial capital cost of a particular lining or material against the projected life of the system. One needs to consider the price factor in selecting a lining.



  • Expected life – severity of service
  • Initial cost vs. life cycle cost
  • Down time cost & production costs
  • Maintenance costs
The basic initial criteria to consider are: what is the chemical exposure, temperature condition, and mechanical exposure? Additional factors to consider are thermal shock condition, down time available for lining, initial cost vs. life cycle cost, and availability of skilled installers. By having a perspective on all the above, the right type of system can be selected. After selection of the right category of product or system, the right resin or chemical composition of that category can then be selected to best resist the chemical & temperature conditions.


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