MIPROGLASS 101 E HYB is a 100% solids, glass flake filled Novolac epoxy coating for steel and concrete surface coating. It can be applied at thickness ranging from 300 microns to 1500 microns one or multiple coats. MIPROGLASS 101 E HYB is also suitable for coating structural steel and concrete in corrosive fume or vapor environments. MIPROGLASS 101 E HYB has excellent resistance to splash & spills of many corrosive chemicals. MIPROGLASS 101 E HYB is a two-component product. It can be applied by air less spray, brush, roller, or trowel. MIPROGLASS 101 E HYB offers excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and chemicals including strong mineral acids, concentrated caustics, fuels, oils, salts and many solvents. MIPROGLASS 101 E HYB offers high impact & resistance, resistance to cracking, excellent bond strength to steel & concrete surface with surface tolerance.

Weather conditions, especially dew point, should be constantly monitored during the work being done. Final blast cleaning and application of tank lining system must only be performed when the temperature of the steel substrate will not fall within 5°F of the dew point. Dehumidification and/o r temperature control may be necessary to meet this requirement. Use a surface thermometer to frequently monitor the temperature of the steel substrate before and during application.

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