MIPRO-EPR is a 3 component high strength, solvent-free epoxy resin repair mortar with High quality graded quartz filler and special mineral filled for high strength and excellent abrasion resistance. MIPRO-EPR is a three part mortar, supplied in kit size for ready to use at on-site for easy mixing and use.

Apply the mixed MIPRO-EPR mortar to the prepared concrete surface by steel trowel, pressing firmly into place to ensure good adhesion and full compaction. Thoroughly compact the mortar. Finish mortar with trowel. MIPRO-EPR mortar can be applied in sections up to 50mm thickness in horizontal locations or up to 12mm thickness in vertical locations in a single application and without the use of formwork.
Note: The minimum applied thickness of MIPRO-EPR is 5mm

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