Chemiprotect Engineers offers this MIPRO-ETA high performance epoxy tile/stone/brick adhesive in 3 components. Mainly used to fixing tile/brick/stone in small as well as big sizes, on wall and floor. MIPRO-ETA epoxy tile/stone/brick adhesive exhibits very high bond strength which is key for durable and long performance of tile/stone. MIPRO-ETA is excellent resistant to dilute acid/alkali/salts and water…so most preferred product for fixing tile/brick in food, pharmaceuticals, commercial kitchens, food retail outlets and chemical industries, workshop and high traffic areas of logistic warehouse

Surface must be sound, free from any loose dust, dirt and contamination from oil or any other chemicals. It it’s concrete or cement plaster surface, make sure it is properly cured, dried & free from laitance. Free from any undulations.

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