MIPROGLASS 101 I Isopthalic Resin base Glass Flake Filled Coating

The coating system is based on Isopthalic Resin, filled with inert C class glass flake in graded particle size with very special additives to provide maximum corrosion resistance properties. It can be applied in thickness of 750 microns to 1000 microns. This system for coating/tank lining system is formulated to offer excellent resistant to most corrosive chemicals used in process industries. MIPROGLASS 101 I coating will withstand gas temperatures up to 100 C, and can be used in immersion service at ambient temperatures. All the MIPROGLASS 101 I series coatings can be applied by brush or by spray, they are approx. 95 to 100% solids, and cure at ambient temperature. The recommended thickness is approx. 400-500 microns and this is obtained in one primer and two to four coats depending on different application environment.

Compressive Strength 40 N/mm2
Tensile Strength 12 N/mm2
Flexural Strength 20 N/mm2
Abrasion Resistance – Taber (CS-17 Wheel) 0.25 gm/1000gm.loading / 1000 rpm
Bond Strength to steel 6 Mpa
Temperature Resistance 60 TO 100 o C (dry)
Hardness (Shore D) 30
Solid Content (mixed) 95 %
No. of Coats Recommended 2 TO 3
Mixing Ratio 100 to 1.5 to 2 by weight A:B
Density 1.2
Pot Life 20 minutes @. 25o C
Packaging 5 Kgs, 30 Kgs.
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