A series of medium duty polyester, vinyl ester, Epoxy resin base coating designed to protect steel and concrete work against atmospheric corrosion and the exterior surfaces of tanks and process plant against the splashing and spillage of chemicals. Each of the MIPROGLASS 101 SV coatings is reinforced with properly graded glass flakes, which lie parallel to the substrate thereby offering excellent resistance to permeation, corrosion, abrasion, physical abuse and thermal shock. MIPROGLASS 101 SV (I, B, V series coatings will withstand gas temperatures up to 120 C, and can be used in immersion service at ambient temperatures. All the MIPROGLASS 101 SV series coatings can be applied by brush or by spray, they are approx. 90-100% solids, and cure at ambient temperature. The recommended thickness is approx. 400-500 microns and this is obtained in one primer and two to four coats depending on different application environment.

Please request Surface Preparation and Installation Data sheets for specific advice

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