MIPRO-CP is a two -part chemical setting cashew-phenolic base mortar used for acid resisting brick lining, to protect most commonly used construction materials like RCC, MS, steel, brick masonry construction etc., from corrosive environment in modern chemical age. MIPRO-CP is resistant to acids, alkalis, and solvents, etc. at temperature up to 170 C

Ensure bricks or tiles are clean, dry and kept at the same temperature of MIPRO-CP. Apply mixed mortar on brick/tile in even thickness on all sides for bedding & jointing with the same materials. Apply little more in center so no air pockets are formed while its installation. For only joints filling, it is recommended to take great care that full depth is filled with the same. During & after completion of the application, the area must be kept dry and free from and other materials and traffic, which can affect setting & curing of MIPRO-CP

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