MIPRO-FA is a two-part chemical setting Furan base mortar used for bonding acid resistant bricks and tiles. It is impermeable in texture and resistant to a very wide range of chemicals, including strong acids alkalis, oils, solvents and unaffected by temperature up to 170 C. MIPRO-FA "C" a 100 % carbon filled mortar is available where resistant to Hydrofluoric acid, fluoride salts and strong hot alkalis are required.

Ensure that bricks or tiles are clean, dry and stored at ambient temperature. Butter the bricks or tiles with mixed mortar ensuring uniform coverage, with a slight more in the centre so no air pockets are formed while its installation. When using as only jointing mortar, it is essential that MIPRO-FA is filled to the full depth of the joint. During and after completion of the application, the area must be kept dry and free from any other materials, which can affect setting and curing of MIPRO-FA.

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