(Novolac Epoxy Vinyl Ester Mortar) is used in the construction of floors, sumps, trenches, tanks, vessels and bleach towers in chemical processing, food and beverage plants, dairies, laboratories, textile, steel and pulp & paper mills. MIPRO-VE has excellent resistance to oxidizing bleach solutions, mineral and organic acids, alkaline solutions and some organic solvents. When used with chemical resistant masonry units and the proper membrane MIPRO-VE will protect concrete and steel sub base from chemical attacks and physical abuse. MIPRO-VE is silica filled vinyl ester mortar supplied in two parts .

Mixing Empty correct proportion of liquid into a clean mixing vessel. Gradually add measured amount of powder while mixing continuously with a trowel, By hand or mechanical mixer until mortar is uniformly blended to a workable consistency. After mixing, spread mortar in a thin layer in a mortar pan to ensure maximum working time of 25 minutes at 35 * C. Recommended mix ratio by weight, is Part A (Resin) 1 PBW to Part B (Filler) 5.5 PBW Material, which has begun to set, cannot be retempered and must be discarded. Never add liquid or other materials to mixed material or any component part.

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