MIPROGLASS 201 E HYBis a 100% solids, trowel applied, high performance, high chemical resistant C class glass flake reinforced Novolac epoxy lining system. MIPRO 201 E HYB is highly filled with carefully selected large size glass flakes. Our flake glass is chemically treated for maximum adhesion into the resin system, which highly increase permeation resistance and physical properties. MIPRO 201 E HYB is specially formulated to resist up to 90% sulfuric acid condition and high alkaline chemical environments. MIPRO 201 E HYB will discolor when exposed to concentrated sulfuric acid. This is normal and will not affect its performance. This unique formulation is suitable for service up to 70 °C wet splash and spill environmen ts and up to 120°C in dry gas environments.

Stir Part A to a smooth, uniform consistency and color using a Jiffy type mixer. For mix an entire unit of MIPROGLASS 201 E HYB Pour Hardener (Part B) into pail of Resin (Part A) and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing pail to ensure thorough mixing. Pot life of the mixture will be approximately 25-30 minutes at 20 °C (significantly less at HIGHER tempera tures). The longer the material is in the pail after mixing, the shorter the pot-life will be.

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